Telephony over IP solution

What is the Voip?

Voip converts the voice into a digital signal and relies on the power of the Internet.
What are the benefits? Attractive rates, a real-time evolution of the fleet and telephony/IT coupling that allows users to offer an optimal experience. 

IDTCS Telecom operates an interconnected platform for major international IP infrastructure and transit operators. The capabilities of our platform allow us to offer IP solutions and increase our ability to process relevant Voip/Toip service offerings for our customers.

We offer: 

  • Management of the prepuce-up service (music and customizable message)

  • Management of incoming calls (call groups, cascading calls)

  • Telephone management (supervision, OPS routing)

  • A directory and register of your company’s calls 

  • Number management (presentation, name, display of masked numbers)

  • Putting your calls on hold (customizable music, do not disturb option)

  • Automatic referral service management 

  • Customizable voice mail

  • A voice-over conference call option 

  • Converging services

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