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4G Mobile Router

The mobile router by IDTCS Telecom is a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that allows travellers to access the Internet at any time and anywhere in the world without a SIM card or roaming charges.  The router benefits from IDTCS Telecom’s virtual SIM card technology, enabling it to deliver an Internet service at a local cost.

The product targets are travel agencies, internet access operators, tourism professionals seeking to provide a reliable and cost-effective internet access service to their customers.  The 4G router connects up to 10 devices to the Internet.

No more worries when travelling, the 4G by IDTCS Telecom router provides you with 4G Internet access around the world at a local price and at no additional cost.


✔️ Equipped with IDTCS Telecom Virtual SIM Card technology

✔️ Working Wifi router without SIM card

✔️ No roaming charges

✔️ Battery with 18 hours battery life

✔️ Data transfer speed at 150Mbps

✔️ Supports all global mobile networks

*several options available (contact us)

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