Virtual and International number

Numbers for every need. 

When creating your line with IDTCS, we assign you a phone number: it is the main number of your line. This main number can be a new number or an existing number that you want to keep.

Your main number can be at your choice: 

  • A geographical number with the code 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05 or a non geographical number in 09(4) for your fixed telephony offers

  • A mobile number in 06 or 07 for your mobile offers

  • An international number with a choice of 51 countries, for your fixed telephony offers.


You can also choose to subscribe to a mnemonic number as an option. A real gain in communication, this type of number is much more easily memorized by your customers and prospects.

Additional numbers with Virtual Number option

IDTCS offers you the possibility of having several telephone numbers for the same telephone line thanks to the Virtual Number option.

Available with a fixed line or an integrated mobile line, this offer allows you to link up to 100 virtual numbers to your main line.

The virtual number is a redirect number for incoming calls. You will therefore receive calls to your virtual numbers directly on your main line.

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