xDSL Data Solution 

What is the data xDSL?


This consumer internet access technology is based on analogue copper lines and has also been made available to companies.  There are no fewer than a dozen xDSL technologies in the world offering speeds of 128Kbit/s to nearly 100 Mbit/s in asymmetric or symmetric transmission modes on traditional copper telephone wire pairs.

The IDTCS Telecom platform is interconnected with major infrastructure operators such as Orange.

This multi-operator strategy allows us to provide our customers with very high-speed Internet access. IDTCS Télécom is also eligible for the implementation of the xDSL link (ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and Fibre Optique). 

Our platform allows to approach and launch a complete offer in Metropolitan France: professional Box, offers adapted to companies, VPN links, IP Transit solutions and IP unbundling.

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