Centrex Mobile IP Solution

Your standard becomes mobile

By choosing to complete your IDTCS Telecom mobile package with the Mobile Standard option, you will have access to a professional, fully innovative mobile phone. Your mobile phone is fully integrated into your standard, to open the door to a multitude of features:

By personalizing your mobile phone according to your needs and constraints, you are more productive and give a more professional image to your company.  
With our Centrex mobile IP solution, you can easily manage your Mobile Standard from anywhere and anytime on your smartphone. You are 100% mobile and autonomous. The option is particularly suitable for itinerant professional activities: salesmen, auto entrepreneurs, craftsmen, etc.
This IDTCS Telecom offer is very economical.Personalized offers are available and offer you all the features you need to professionalize your mobile line.

The Centrex Mobile IP Solution from IDTCS Telecom allows you to get standard features on your mobile.

  • The Supervision. This feature allows your company’s switchboard to view in real time the status of your mobile line (free, ringing or online) whether you are on company premises or travelling. This way, you are no longer bothered by a call or a transfer when you are already busy on your mobile line.

  • Short Numbers. Use your company’s speed dial from your pro mobile phone. By dialing the short number preceded by “*”, you reach your employees from anywhere, even outside your offices, via your mobile phone.

  • A number layout. Choose the IDTCS Telecom number you want to display when you make a call. You have the possibility to display your mobile number, one of your virtual numbers or to call in a masked number.

  • An interception. This feature allows people who supervise your mobile line to intercept your calls if you are busy and thus support an incoming call that you couldn’t handle.

  • Control of the mobile line via Apis. Connect your mobile phone to your business applications: click-to-call to mobile, call historization, call notification on the mobile line, etc.

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