Centrex Cloud IP Solution

Centrex IP Cloud by IDTCS

IDTCS Telecom’s Cloud telephony offers multiple scalable features that are integrated into Centrex Voip packages. IDTCS Telecom provides you with high value added functionality at no additional cost.

Voicemail with email message

A correspondent left a message on your answering machine: you receive the voice message by email in MP3 file.


The new Speechtotext feature is an alternative to listening to its voice messages. You can read what your correspondents left on your answering machine because you receive the automatic transcription of the content directly in your mailbox: productivity and simplicity are at the rendezvous!



WebToFax et FaxToMail

Sending from the interface & receiving by email. From the Centrex interface, you can receive your faxes by email in PDF format: Faxtomail, and send your faxes from your PC: Webtofax

Support your traditional fax machines

Thanks to ATA-type boxes and the SIP/T38 protocol, your traditional fax machines continue to work perfectly with Centrex telephony.

Voice Recording

You can access the recordings of your employees' conversations from the management interface.

Directory management (personnel and global: Enterprise LDAP)

Create and manage your business directory and directory in a simple way: you can organize them by department, share your directories with your employees and configure your call services according to your preferences.









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