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IDTCS Telecom attaches great importance to the pioneers of telecommunications who have brought us the innovative ideas of the past.  Therefore, our mission is to help the future bring forth great ideas. 

We work to provide the best telecommunications to our customers and partners. Our goal is to create, invent and develop.

Our Services

Internet Solution 

Thanks to very high speed, your company will be able to open up to the Internet.


Reduce your monthly costs with our customized telecom offerings and equipment.

Cloud IP Centrex

Store all your data on remote internet servers without limit.

Fixed&Mobile Telephony

Unlimited calls and features for international companies.

Support Consulting

Let us help you develop your business and receive advice from our specialized team.

24/7 Service Desk

We provide Smes with 24/7 remotely connected computer support. Our teams are available at any time to help you quickly and effectively.
I D T C S Telecom relaunches your business in a professional and competitive way.

AZ Terminations

Enjoy your international AZ terminations at the best price.


Ready to find out more?

I D T C S Telecom can provide you with quality, simple and reliable business telephone solutions. We guarantee you an opening to the world by making technological advances available to your company through innovative terminals, high-performance solutions and fully integrated into information systems. 

For our partners, it is the guarantee to work with an innovative, reliable operator with a strong service culture.

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